Showbox App Download for Android | Free Movies and Tv-Shows App

With the paid video and movie streaming applications ruling the market, it is rare to find an app which provides the users with movies and TV shows streaming services free of cost. Showbox application is one such application which has received great reviews from several user forums owing to all its great features provided to the users without any sort of subscription fees. Download the Best Movies App Here The users get access to a huge library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, music videos and much more simply by installing the Showbox application. The application has a user-friendly interface studded with a lot of advanced features that makes the app highly usable.

Showbox App Download


The app would definitely come handy to all those who travel and stay on their mobile phones and miss watching television. Just a strong network and the Showbox application is what they would need. Once the users have got the Showbox application installed, they get a free access to a huge number of movies, TV shows and documentaries which are just a few clicks away. Getting to watch all the recently launched movies is one of the best features that application provides its users since the content database is updated regularly. The application keeps on adding titles under different sections from moment to moment so as to ensure that the users would definitely get what they are looking for. All these movies and TV shows come with subtitle facilities and Multilanguage audio playback options too for a better streaming experience.


The first advantage would of course be that everything is provided to the users without any charges. The application provides lag free video playback options. This makes it one of the most demanded applications since most of the streaming applications offer lagging videos to the users. The users of the Showbox application can save their videos for watching them on a later phase offline. They can also set favourites and bookmark some titles as well. One of the best part of the application is that it houses the movie trailers as well which prevent the need of the users migrating to any other sites just to check out the trailers. The application also provides news feed regarding movies and TV shows right on the home page. The content on the Showbox application is organised into different genres and this makes it easy for the users to find a movie or TV show of their choice.


The application cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store and needs to be downloaded by the customers from any of the trusted sources and install it manually. As soon as the application is installed the user can take the full advantage of the application. There are certain compatible versions of the app available for the Android powered televisions and the PCs as well. However, the users should take care that they do not end up installing the wrong version of the application.


Showbox application has already created fans all over the world due to its features. The application provides high quality video streaming experience to its users with just a few steps procedure.